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Prepping and Checklist

Seeley, Lake, MT

This is going to be a camping weekend. The weekend's activities will be BBQing, cooking, eating, bon fires (as long as there aren't fire restrictions), horseshoes, BBQing, canoeing, swimming, lounging, napping, BBQing, Mollky, crokinole, drinking beer, drinking wine, BBQing, playing music, eating and BBQing. 

Provided with the cost:

You do not need to worry about:

  • Food, we'll be cooking large spreads for:

    • Dinner Friday​

    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday (Saturday dinner will be smoked meats. All other meals TBD)

    • Breakfast Sunday

  • Beer, Wine, liquor

  • Firewood

You should bring 

  • Summer clothes suitable for hiking, swimming, etc

  • Pillow

  • Sleeping bag or whatever you want to dress up a twin size cot

  • Toiletries 

  • Rain coat

  • River/shower shoes

  • PJs

  • sweatshirt/hoodie

  • headlamp

  • sunscreen

  • Shoes you don't mind getting trashed if it gets rainy and muddy (it very likely won't, I'm not sure if we've ever seen real rain in August in MT, but best be prepared)

  • Munchies for between meals if you want

  • Please do not bring fireworks of any kind.

Sleeping arrangements

Camp Paxson has a bunch of cabins with twin beds, lights and outlets. If you select a cabin, we'll put together cabins based on who you know and are likely okay spending a night with. If you'd rather, the property has a bunch of space to pitch a tent, so you're absolutely welcome to do that. When you RSVP please specify if you'd like to bring your own tent or sleep in a cabin. Note: Tent areas will be less insulated from the noise pollution of celebration, which won't have a curfew and will be without restraint. 


With a mess hall housing a full bar and keg beer, a beach, communal firepit area, etc we just ask that the sleeping cabins, which are pretty removed from the aforementioned areas, remain quieter spaces for those that want to call it a night before others. 


Seeley Lake is about an hour drive outside of Missoula. If you're planning on securing a rental car, do that ASAP. Car rentals are extremely scarce in Missoula during the summer. A lot of locals will be attending this, so if you aren't planning on renting a car, we can figure out how to get you up there, just specify that you need transport from Missoula and we'll start putting together some plans. For travel planning purposes, if you're gonna hitch a ride, plan on leaving Missoula on Friday no later than noon and getting back to Missoula no earlier than 5pm on Sunday to be safe. 

A few folks have already told us they'll be in Missoula a day before and a day after the 48 Hour BBQ. If you are planning on doing that, you're absolutely welcome to camp in our yard. Our house is tiny but our yard is big. Or snag an Airbnb or hotel room. Thursday we can all float the river and have a get together at our place in the evening. 


Kids of course are welcome! Everyone that has been invited is well aware of how we all hang and celebrate, so, if you are cool with that then bring them!


Dogs are welcome, too! The camp owners just ask that we stay on top of cleaning up after them. If your dog is totally cool with other dogs and are good off-leash, feel free to bring them. 



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